Hello, I’m Delille, 3D Artist and Art Director, working and living in Nantes, France. Find me on Gumroad, Behance, CGSocietyArtStation, Instagram, , Dribbble, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. See ya there!

As a digital artist, I wear many hats. I like to imagine and create 3D illustrations using Cinema 4D, ZBrush and Photoshop. I’m also an art director in the advertising industry, who likes to mix design and creativity for any projects.

I’ve done over the years some tutorials for 3d magazines like 3D Artist, and online course platforms. You can find my courses on my Gumroad.

Finally, I like to chat with other 3D artists. Feel free to discover Better Digital Artist, where I give interviews and advices for any digital artist.


Want to contact me?

Feel free to send me an email at delille.n [at] gmail.com

Cinema 4D Artists:
Learn how to make award-winning photorealistic 3D illustrations

Maxon ad with the illustration Ladybug Journey
Maxon website with the illustration Ladybug Journey

Maxon users gallery

In this course, you'll see how I made two iconic illustrations that were used by Maxon to promote Cinema 4D internationally (still used 4 years after its creations), who won prizes and got printed (3D Artist Magazine) and gave me a lot of visibility and opportunities.

>> This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to achieve photorealism with Cinema 4D and Vray4C4D
  • You want to become a kickass 3D artist with an amazing portfolio
  • You see amazing 3D illustrations and you feel stuck with your level
  • You feel that your illustrations aren't as good as they should be
  • You want to learn how to light, compose, render and retouch your images in a professional and artistic way
  • You want to improve the quality of your renderings with retouching tips and tricks
  • You want to learn all my process to create illustrations from early stages on ZBrush to final retouching on Photoshop