Cinema 4D Vray Render Tutorial:

Create Photorealistic Renderings now

Want to make amazing photorealistic illustrations?

Want to learn how to use Cinema 4d, Vray, ZBrush and Photoshop all together?

Then this epic course is here for you

This course if for you if:

  • You feel that your illustrations aren't as good as they should be
  • You want to learn how to achieve photorealism with Cinema 4D
  • You want to learn how to light, compose, render and retouch your images in a professional and artistic way
  • You want to improve the quality of your renderings with retouching tips and tricks
  • You want to learn all my process to create illustrations from early stages on ZBrush to final retouching on Photoshop
  • You want to become a kickass 3D artist with an amazing portfolio

What you will learn from this tutorial:

  • You will learn how to make photorealistic illustrations from start to finish: I'll explain to you in detail all the process for those two illustrations, including modelingmaterialslighting, and post-production ninja technics
  • You will learn how to create from scratch an insect with ZBrush (sculpting, UVs, Dynamesh, ZRemesher, Polypainting, export to C4D)
  • You'll see how you can take advantage of ZBrush/Cinema 4D workflow for your illustrations
  • You will learn the steps required to make photorealistic renderings with Cinema 4D and Vray. Before starting into the projects, we will talk about 3D renderings, theory, examples, and what you need to know to start on the right foot. Softwares are tools, but knowledge is the key
  • You will learn how to improve incredibly your raw render with the use of Photoshop
  • And because knowing softwares is good, but you also need some basic knowledge about modeling, lighting, materials, to replicate great photorealistic renderings, I'll teach you all I know about photorealism and lights at the beginning of the course

Check the trailer and one free video below to see more:


What is The Ladybug Journey project?

This project started as a game. I wanted to try to make a ladybug and challenge myself to make something beautiful and realistic.

Shot of Ladybug Journey 1
Shot of Ladybug Journey 2

When I released The Ladybug Journey few years back, I had no idea how it would help me in my career for the following years.

After the publication of the first image, I won my first prize as Best Illustration of the Week, then of the Month, with 3D Artist Magazine, and I got published quickly in their international magazine.

The second image took me a bit further, as Maxon (Cinema 4D editor) asked me to use it as their worldwide front illustration for the promotion of their new release of Cinema 4D R17. This illustration is still on their website (bottom page):

Then my two images won prizes in a lot of online publications and magazines, helped me to get recognition in the 3D community, and to earn new clients.

With this course,

You will learn how to use a modeling tool like ZBrush, how to compose, light and render your scene for Cinema 4D and Vray4, and how to improve your renderings to a professional standard with Photoshop.

I'll share with you some of my finest tips and tricks that I've never shared to anyone before.

You will have in your hand 13 years of professional experience, creativity, publications... and awards

3D artist magazine with the illustration Ladybug Journey

Some awards and publications for The Ladybug Journey

Maxon website with the illustration Ladybug Journey

Maxon Gallery

Special Edition 100 - 3D Artist Magazine

Masterclass 7 pages tutorial for 3D Artist Magazine

Why is this tutorial so unique?

You will not only see all the process to make great images, but I will also teach you the knowledge you need to understand to know how 3D works and what photorealism means in 3D.

At the end of this course, you'll be confident enough to create great photorealistic illustrations with ZBrushCinema 4D, Vray4C4D and Photoshop, and make the next masterpieces acclaimed by the 3D community.

Your only limit will be your imagination!

Screenshots of the course

Course content in detail


01 - Presentation - 20:03

In this video, I'm introducing myself, my portfolio and some of my past works

02 - About the projects - 02:09

In this video, I describe the two final images that we will work on

03 - Idea behind this tutorial - 02:03

In this video, I will describe all the steps that we will see together deeper into the tutorials

04 - Bonus - 02:00

In this video, I'll talk about the bonus provided. Please check also for more marketing topics

05 - ZBrush GoZ - 02:09

In this video, I'm showing you with GoZ is useful

06 - References - 06:51

In this video, I'll show you how you can gather references for the project

07 - ZBrush Course - Part 1 - 06:59

In this video, I'll show you how to create quickly a character with the ZSpheres

08 - ZBrush Course - Part 2 - 11:21

In this video, I'll show you how to work with Dynamesh, ZRemesher and how to generate UVs

09 - ZBrush Course - Dynamesh - 05:11

In this video, I'll show you everything you need to know about the dynamesh to start on the right foot

10 - The Ladybug Project - Modelisation Part 1 - 39:55

In this video, I'll show you how to start to model the Ladybug with ZBrush, the Dynamesh and references and making the overall shapes quickly and efficiently

11 - The Ladybug Project - Modelisation Part 2 - 32:27

In this video, I'll focus on the sculpting of the legs and its segments to finish the mesh

12 - The Ladybug Project - Texturings/Details - 09:01

In this video, I'll show you how to generate HQ maps and textures

13 - The Ladybug Project - The eyes - 16:59

In this video, I'll show you how to create the eye of the ladybug

14 - The Ladybug Project - ZRemesher - 05:01

In this video, I'll show you how to regenerate properly the topology of the wings and any surface

15 - The Ladybug Project - The Antenna - Part 1 - 18:05

In this video, I'll show you how to create a complex shape with Dynamesh, how to project all its details to a new mesh with great topology and subdivisions, how to add details, generate UVs, paint it with Polypaint and make it ready for export

16 - The Ladybug Project - The Antenna - Part 2 - 18:22

In this video, I'll show you how the painting process I'm following in any of my projects to make great textures

17 - The Ladybug Project - The Wings - 01:11:38

In this video, I'll show you in details how to create the wings from scratch to high resolution with textures and maps. I'll also show you how to drastically enhance your polypaint textures inside Photoshop to enhance the photorealism of our creature

18 - The Ladybug Project - Details and tips - 18:55

In this video, I'll show you some tips and tricks to enhance the quality of your paintings, and how to sculpt the flower with ZBrush with a special technique

19 - The Ladybug Project - Rendering - Scene 01 - 07:29

In this video, I'll show you how I'm describing my lighting setup for the scene 01

20 - The Ladybug Project - Rendering/Post-production - Scene 01 - 23:05

In this video, I'll reveal all my secrets to make photorealistic images with Cinema 4D and Vray. We will talk about materials, lights, fur, rendering parameters, post-production, and how you can make amazing illustrations using Photoshop 

21 - The Ladybug Project - Rendering/Post-production - Scene 02 - Part 1 - 23:05

In this video, I'll reveal (again) all my secrets to make photorealistic images with another image, the one which gave me awards and got advertised by Maxon itself. We will start from Cinema 4D, see the lighting setup, my parameters, and you can take a good render to great inside Photoshop again

22 - The Ladybug Project - Rendering/Post-production - Scene 02 - Part 2 - 08:28

In this video, I'll show you the final steps that you can apply to your image

23 - The Ladybug Project - Other Works - 21:15

In this video, I'll show you can use this knowledge on other images that aren't full of insects. I'll show you with other works that Photoshop will help you a lot to increase the quality of your renders and your portfolio

BONUS 01 - Discussion about Photorealism - 01:03:01

In this video, I'll show you with photorealism matters, and why you should go in that direction

BONUS 02 - Tips and Tricks from Top 3D Artists (PDF)

With my website Better Digital Artist, I have the opportunity to talk to great 3D artists. We can all learn from each others, that's the goal of this guide, with lot of great advices

BONUS 03 - Resources

You'll have a complete access to the two scenes, the original HQ meshes, Zbrush files, HDR files used and PSD files

By the way: who are you?

Nicolas Delille

"I'm Nicolas Delille, 3D artist and art director (10 years of 3D, 13 years for art direction). Time goes on pretty fast...

I started my creative career in advertising, where I had a ton of photo-manipulations to make every day. That helped me definitely to enhance my Photoshop skills :) I had also the opportunity to work with pro retouchers, and that was helpful for the rest of my career!

I started 3D as a hobby first, because I couldn't find some images I was looking for, and I found it easier to create them in 3D. That was the start of a great journey, which lead me to work as a freelancer and launching my studio :

I won many prices, had the chance to work for great international brands, with great artists, in several countries (France, Canada, Australia), and I'm still here to create new kickass projects anytime, anywhere :) I gave over the years several masterclasses for 3D Artist magazine, as well as Cinema 4D reviews. 

I also like to share with fellow 3D artists. I launched last year Better Digital Artist, which showcases the best 3D artists in any disciplines. I had the chance to interview 15 great artists like Cornelius DämmrichRaphael RauIan Spriggs, and the number is still growing.

This is the fifth portrait of the rock heads serie showing a photomanipulation of the band Arcade Fire - The guy has a burning video arcade instead of his head
This is a picture of the illustration Knitting Planets shot from 3D Artist Magazine number 84
The final illustration showcasing a santa claus with deers
The image displays a 3D helmet of war on a white background

But I'm not a Vray user!...

The main goal of this tutorial is to show you the whole process to make something realistic and amazing from ZBrush to its final destination: Photoshop, and then your portfolio!

But you've also noticed that many people are using different third-part engine, like Octane, Redshift, Vray or Pro Render. So, is this course still for you?

I will tell you a secret: my materials aren't my best skill. So they are actually quite simple. I think this tutorial will provide you great tips on how to model with ZBrush, and also how to make something from good to amazing with Photoshop tips and tricks.

So my advice: watch the tutorial, learn how to create your new best, how to texture it, make your shiny materials with your preferred rendering engine, and then apply my Photoshop advices, and you'll have something great. It's up to you!

Why should I buy this tutorial?

If you want to learn in a single tutorial what I've learned in 10 years, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to me ;) It's up to you now!


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